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Welcome to Affinity Hospice Prn


Hospice & Palliative care is a promise of comfort for terminally ill patients and those who love them. Affinity Hospice Prn will be there when you need us.

An innovative concept in care by skilled professionals and volunteers working in partnership with a patient’s doctor, Hospice & Palliative care provides physical, emotional and spiritual services and support for the whole family. 


We care for medical, emotional and spiritual needs of our patients and their families. We do our best to make sure our patients are as comfortable as possible at a time they need it most.

The need for Hospice or Palliative care services marks a change in how patients look at their lives moving forward. Our philosophy is to approach that change as a celebration of life and an opportunity to live the best life possible. That’s how Affinity Hospice Prn shapes and improves end-of-life care services in a unique way.

Affinity Hospice Prn provides specialized care services (patient care including symptom management, emotional support, spiritual support and psychosocial intervention), addressing issues most important to the patient’s needs and wants at the end of their life focusing on improving the individual’s quality of life.


Whether you need to manage a chronic illness or an advanced-stage disease, Affinity Hospice Prn provides patients with the support they need for the best quality of life. 


Hospice & Palliative care is a special kind of care that focuses on the quality of life for people and their caregivers who are experiencing an advanced, life-limiting illness.


Hospice & Palliative provides compassionate care for people in the last phases of incurable disease so that they may live as fully and comfortably as possible.


You’ll find details on everything from how Hospice & Palliative care works to who is eligible for Hospice & Palliative care, who pays for Hospice & Palliative care, how you can get immediately help.

Organizations are available in your community to support you through this difficult time.

Charlene "Charlie" Carroll, RN, BC

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